Zombie Jesus

In honour of Easter I’m quietly resurrecting my favourite family story from last year.  By “quietly,” I mean I’m not telling the kids – ’cause that’s just what I need at my nieces Christening today – two boys talking about the Zombie Jesus.

This time last year….

When I got up this morning I heard my husband “explaining” to the kids why people celebrate Easter. He was basically quoting the Apostles’ Creed…to kids who’ve gone to church less than 25 times combined in their young lives, including weddings and funerals.

Husband (whose heart was in the right place) came to the part that says, “on the third day he rose again.” I could see my 8 year old’s eyes widen, he lifted his hands up in front of himself and said, “rise, like, he was dead and floating?”

That was when I piped up, “No, more like a zombie.”

Husband was not thrilled.  But I’m pretty sure JC won’t care.

Happy Resurrection Day Zombie Jesus!  Sorry I’m such a smart ass!


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