Arty Stuff

I finally went back to school after a 10 year hiatus.  My degree requirements were complete, but I had a LOAD of electives to fill.  I elected to take calligraphy.  I knew it was something I would enjoy…it fits in to my love of poster art AND religious iconography.  This was my first piece.  It’s a little shaky.

A calligraphic version of my submission for the NPR This I Believe campaign.  One of the pieces required by my course was this Quatro.  Most of my classmates did bible verses or University fight songs.  My Granda was nearing the end of his days, so this was my tribute to him.

When I was preparing my portfolio I had everything spread on my light table.  This represents countless hours of work.  I can’t tell you how many times I said to my sons, “BACK AWAY FROM THE TABLE!  You can look when Mommy is done!”

A verse from Desiderata, which has hung by a nail in the kitchen of my family home in Bere Island for generations.  I bought frames at goodwill for my final portfolio pieces.

For this piece I drew a raven and again in Petrarch wrote a verse from Poe’s Raven inside it.  The paper is glued to an artist board, which I hand sewed into a piece of material I had laying around.

Unframed blessing for my best friend’s daughter.


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