A Taste

I was just reading what the FE sent me and had one of those moments…you know, the moment where you read something that just moves you.  Maybe no one will think it’s as great as I do, but it’s deeply personal, and very reassuring.

Here is a snippet from chapter one of Uncommon Ground:

The mood I’d been in all day hung like a dark shadow over me. I knew the only way to get though it was to put my energy into some serious brooding. I docked my ipod and turned the lights down low in my room.  Lying on the bed I let my thoughts wander, as they inevitably did, across the miles to a place that hardly seemed real when compared to the suburban mock Tudor housing addition where we currently lived.

The soft music carried me as I drifted, not quite to sleep, but certainly no longer aware.  I could hear the sounds of India.  Even in the dead of night there was never any true silence.  The remote hill station I called home for nearly three years was half a world away, but I could easily drum up the smell of eucalyptus as it wafted on the mist, creeping in through the unscreened windows of my dorm room.  My heart ached to think of it.

I let myself wander. I imagined the sky darkening as evening gave way to night.  Voices called out in the darkness.  I imagined I could hear the sound of bare feet padding along the road. The night sky sparkled with more bright stars than I would ever see again.  The faint light and smell of cook fires dotting the hills, and the murmur of voices down the hall were my companions as I willed myself back to Kodaikanal.


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