Slammed in Pitchfest, and Feeling Fine

The Caren Johnson Literary Agency passed on the pitch I submitted for Uncommon Ground.

And I’m elated.  I’ve been hiding for months, not doing anything with my book.  I finally had the courage to put myself out there and was rejected.  Now that I’ve got my first one out of the way and I don’t appear to be leaking any fluids (also note my heart did not crack in half and I still have use of all my faculties) I can move forward.  I will be brave (mostly) and aggressive (when I can).  I will get to know Rosie and Elton again.  Remember why I love them, and make them the best mostly fictional characters they can be!

Thank you Caren Johnson.  You were my first, and you’ll always have a special place in my heart.


3 thoughts on “Slammed in Pitchfest, and Feeling Fine

    • When and if. Eoin has a copy…it’s flawed and he might not want to let it out of his hands. I’m working with an editor (or I will be soon, she contacted me today and we’re going to meet and see if we can work together.) Hopefully I’ll have something *less* flawed soon!

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