Feeling a Little Pitchy

I was perusing twitter this morning and saw a tweet from an agent at the Caren Johnson Literary Agency that said they are having a Pitchfest.  What could be more liberating then submitting 100 words or less about my book…taking action, doing something for me – no matter the outcome.  It was a safe move, because I have no expectations.  But it was also a big step – because I’ve been static since I finished Uncommon Ground last April.  The book  took me six weeks to write.   It is 110K words.  And even if it is sentimental and trite and self serving, it’s mine.  And I’m my own worst critic.

Here is my submission:

When seventeen year old Rosemary O’Connor moves to the Midwest from a remote hill station in Southern India, she finds herself grossly unprepared for the experience.  By nature of birth and the path her life has taken, Rosie is an oddity – largely unwelcome.  She spends her days torn between wanting to belong and wanting to slip through the cracks unnoticed. Plagued by bittersweet memories of her past, the last thing Rosie expected was to be swept off her feet.

Spanning three continents over three pivotal years, Uncommon Ground is a story of first love, harsh reality, and the search for a place to call home.


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