My New Gig

My brother is a genius. There. I’ve said it. He’s an absolute flipping genius. The best part, which is also the worst part, is that he is self-taught.

He’s that guy. The one who decides he wants to know how to do something…something that takes the average person YEARS to learn, and then teaches himself quickly how to do it better than you ever could.

It started with art. He can draw. And write. He is succinct, intelligent, insightful.

In college he couldn’t decide if he should do a science degree or one in art. He settled for English, but in the mean time taught himself computer languages. I assume for fun.

He’s been an entrepreneur for a few years, financing a high end woman’s clothing store in Canada,  but he’s also a pioneer. He spawned a worldwide forum on the worldwide web “back in the day” called 08.

Did I mention he decided he wanted to play guitar? Guess how long it took him to learn how? He was playing Sufjan Stevens covers in about a month.

So, anyway, now that my praise is starting to sound bitter (as his sister I am allowed to walk that fine line) I should tell you that he has reached a pinnacle in his young career.

My brother has been working on Vanilla for a while now. (I don’t know what it’s for, I can’t tell you how it works, and when I try to figure out how the boy who threw the TROUBLE board across the room if he lost became such a genius my brain throbs.)

He’s in America, with the good people at Techstars. They have been mentoring him like nobody’s business. From the day he arrived, scared shitless in Boulder, to the phone call tonight, the change in him is incredible. He has learned so much, and he is driven.

Today, I agreed to help him, in the only way I can. As of tomorrow, I will be the Primary Officer of Vanilla Software. I would prefer a fancier title, like “”High Commander” or “Chief Petty Officer” or some honorary nerd title that only people in the biz and Douglas Coupland would understand. But for the time being, I am satisfied to do what I can for my baby brother.

Payback for all those glasses of water I promised I’d get him….later.

Investor day is coming. Send him your good loving.


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